Company Profile

Seajet Company LimitedFounded in 1993 as a qualified company with the purpose of providing professional international freight forwarding service and global logistics solutions to our clients.

We believe in“we are only successful when we assist our customer to achieve success”,as the win-win solution by concerning customers’ requirements and creating add-value for them. We are reliable and always honoring commitments, while we provide professional & flexible services to customers that means we not only provide a mere standard logistics service but also provide a personalized logistics solution to the needs of each customer. We focus on every cooperation with our customers, not the only once since we look forward to building a long term mutual-credit partnership with them and meet the deepest needs of them for keeping customer’s worries behind.

"We are also a company of people"oriented respecting the value and work of every customer and employee of us, inspiring the potential ability of each people and encouraging the creativity of each people. After hard working in the past 20years, we have built up a high efficiency team with professional skills & international minds by learning developed logistics ideas and valued experience from overseas base in a fast developing China to provide the best logistics solutions and create value to our customers.

After more than 20years of accumulation, we have set up a powerful networks with hundreds of reliable partners all over the world for providing a comprehensive international transportation and logistics service to our customers.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy:Honest Attitude Perfect Service Precise Logistics and Environment Protection.

Company History

  • 1993  Foundation of Seajet Express Services Inc.
              Starting cooperation with first Siemens operating company in China-BISC
  • 1995  Starting cooperation with Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd (SEDL), till now
  • 1997  Starting cooperation with Siemens Transformer Co.Ltd.(STCL), till now
  • 2001  Starting cooperation with CPECC, till now
              Being a founding member of China Cargo Alliance (CCA)
  • 2004  Obtaining the International freight forwarding license
              Changing the company name to Seajet Company Limited
  • 2005  Registering NVOCC in China(NVOCC)
  • 2006  Obtaining CATA 1st and 2nd category cargo transport license
  • 2007  Obtaining the ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001-2004 Certificate
              Joining World Freight Network (WFN)
  • 2008  Opening branch in Shanghai
              Joining The Heavy Lift Group(THLG)
  • 2009  Obtaining Customs Brokerage License
              Obtaining Road Transport License
  • 2011  Joining Pacific Power Logistics (PPL)
              Joining World Cargo Alliance(WCA)
  • 2012  Opening branch in Guangzhou
              AAA Class Certified by CIFA
              A Class Certifed by Beijing Customs Bureau
  • 2016  Joining GPLN (Global Projects Logistics Networs)
  • 2017  Opening branch in Wuhan
              Opening Hisiang Logistics GmbH in Germany

Join Us

Joining Seajet, we are not providing you just a job!

We offer not only a platform of personal growth, but also challenges and opportunities. We always encourage everybody in Seajet extending the visions and find out own potentials by learning more and trying more.

Induction Training for New Staffs’ will guide you into Seajet. Through the study of company culture, management concept and management system, new staffs will get a basic understanding about the company, and integrate into teamwork easier and faster.

Internal Trainings offer the opportunities of learning and communication, which improve the professional skill and working ability for everyone. Every day, everyone might be the tutor, who is happy to teach and learn to each other.

External Trainings are always encouraged and welcomed. We provide different, interesting, various classes and trainings for everyone who has the dreams and wants to fly.